A Funny Time to Be Gay
Hilarious Gay & Lesbian Comedy Routines
from Trailblazers to Today's Headliners
by Ed Karvoski Jr.
In A Funny Time to Be Gay, Ed Karvoski Jr. traces the evolution of gay and lesbian comedy
from the few pioneers in New York City's Greenwich Village in the 1970s, to the mavericks who
played San Francisco's famed Valencia Rose in the '80s, to the comics who starred in their own
TV specials in the '90s and continue to headline comedy clubs from coast to coast.

Among the more than 30 humorists spotlighted...
   Tom Ammiano - longtime San Francisco elected official
   Judy Carter - three-time author including The Comedy Bible   
   Kate Clinton - three-time author including Don't Get Me Started
   Sabrina Matthews - star of own Comedy Central special
   Bob Smith - four-time author including Openly Bob and star of own HBO special
   Jason Stuart - frequent TV guest appearances
   Robin Tyler - activist, performer, producer & proprietor of a women's cruise line
   Suzanne Westenhofer - star of own HBO special
   Danny Williams - longtime MC RSVP Cruises
A Funny Time to Be Gay - Cover
Book Description - A Funny Time to Be Gay
The Buzz...
The Buzz
> "There's not a closet big enough to hold this book!  The performers, many of whom I've worked
with, are here and now.  You'll get to hang out and laugh.  Enjoy this!"
    -- Whoopi Goldberg

> "The sex may be safe, but the comedy isn't.  This is the kind of funny, bias-bashing book that all
of America -- gay and straight -- should be reading."
    -- Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

> "You think Ellen DeGeneres had it tough, hiding her homosexuality in the closet all those years
until after she hit the big time in television?  What about comics long out of the closet who have
struggled in relative obscurity in large part because they are openly gay?... Many of their routines
are now available to a wider audience through a new compilation,
A Funny Time to Be Gay,
collected by Ed Karvoski Jr."
    -- Tom Kuntz, THE NEW YORK TIMES

> "According to publishers and retailers, this is indeed 'a funny time to be gay' ... A Funny Time to
Be Gay
is among the strong, consistent sellers."
    -- James A. Martin, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

> "... a great reference guide to gay and lesbian comics working today, giving you a good sense
and a better idea of whose act you'll want to catch at a venue near you. ... This guy [Karvoski] is
good at what he does... So come on -- put your hands together and give a warm welcome to the
past, present and future of queer comedy."
    -- Julia Willis, LAMBDA BOOK REPORT

> "After reading A Funny Time to Be Gay, I passed from being entertained to being inspired."
    -- Brett Butler, comedienne and author of Knee Deep in Paradise

> "A Funny Time to Be Gay is as funny as it is fun to read."  
   -- Gregg Shapiro, journalist and Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame inductee

> "Ed Karvoski Jr. beats the odds and gathers more than 30 very funny gay and lesbian comics in
one volume. ...  A really important book,
A Funny Time to Be Gay is a history of gay and lesbian
comedy, social commentary, public debate and private lives.  Check it out."
   -- Andrea L.T. Peterson, GAY PEOPLE'S CHRONICLE (Cleveland)

> "The result of Karvoski's passion for gay and lesbian humor is A Funny Time to Be Gay, a
collection of comedy routines from legendary and new gay and lesbian comics. ... As any good
comedian will tell you, timing is everything.  Karvoski's timing was impeccable."
   -- Harriet L. Schwartz, OUT FRONT COLORADO (Denver) & SOUTHERN VOICE (Atlanta)   

> "A Funny Time to Be Gay chronicles the rise of gay stand-up and gives it historical perspective."
    -- J.S. Hall, BAY WINDOWS (Boston)

> "As both a performer and a writer Karvoski has gained an insider's view of the entertainment
industry as it affects gay performers. ... The interviews that precede the monologues are not only
entertaining, but informative. ... There are no closets in Karvoski's book, just page after page of
humor and a very good read."
    -- Lester Strong, WATERMARK (Orlando)

> "Karvoski manages to cull works that pack an equal punch on the page.  Each interview and
excerpt seems like a private conversation with the comic, which reflects Karvoski's own
fascination with the topic. ...
A Funny Time to Be Gay anecdotally includes some of the history of
gay and lesbian comedy over three decades, filtered through Karvoski's own funny perspective."
    -- Meryl Cohn, FRONTIERS NEWSMAGAZINE (Los Angeles)

> "Some of the routines served up in Karvoski's book are legendary. You'll laugh out loud. ... It's a
very funny book that will give you great insight into the evolution of the LGBT comedian."
    -- Shelly's LGBT Book Review Blog
E-book and print edition available at online booksellers, including:
A Funny Time to Be Gay - E-Book Edition (Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, 2011)
A Funny Time to Be Gay (Fireside / Simon & Schuster, 1997)
Editorial Reviews - A Funny Time to Be Gay
"I was performing at a comedy club and when I said I'm a lesbian, a guy in the audience yelled out,
'Can I watch?'  I said, 'Watch me what?  Fix my car?'"
    -- Sabrina Matthews

"Remember when homosexuality was considered an illness?  It was fine with me.  I figured I'd go
see Liza Minnelli and charge the tickets to Blue Cross and Blue Shield."
     -- Danny McWilliams

"My hometown was so small that I was all alone in the Gay Pride Parade.  I was grand marshal, I
was security, I was Dyke on Bike.  By the time I peddled my Schwinn across town, I was too tired to
even go to the festival."
     -- Lynda Montgomery

"When I was in the fifth grade, I went to the library to look for a book about these special feelings I
had.  I'm at the card catalog.  I look up 'homosexual.'  The card says, 'See librarian.'"
     -- Paul Jacek

"I know that some lesbians are getting pregnant by going to sperm banks.  I couldn't do that.  I'm
exactly like my grandmother, who'd say, 'What?  Everything is
frozen?!  Nothing is fresh?!'"
    -- Judy Carter

"I grew up in Buffalo, New York.  Buffalo is very progressive.  My high school had a Head Start
Program for Homosexuals.  It was called Drama Club."
    -- Bob Smith

"The butch is the one that holds the remote control, and the femme is the one that sits beside her
going, 'Change it... change it... change it... change it... change it...'"  
     -- Suzanne Westenhoefer

"San Francisco is so gay we even have our own patron saint -- St. Francis the Sissy.  For his miracle,
he turned breakfast into brunch."
    -- Tom Ammiano                     
Sneak peek at some of the comics' routines...
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-- Ed Karvoski Jr., from the author's introduction
-- Ed Karvoski Jr., from the author's introduction
LGBT comedians
... and more!
Funny how the entertainment industry expects performers who are gay or lesbian to
stay in the closet, isn't it?  Well, some of today's wittiest wisecrackers are
not amused.
They're 'the out generation' of gay and lesbian comics, and their time has come --
fashionably late, of course!
To the next generation of showbiz hopefuls who are gay or lesbian and choose not to hide it:
make a grand entrance onto the comedy-club stages and television and film studios.  The
closet door has been set ajar.  As any of these openly gay and lesbian comics will tell you,
'A funny thing happened on the way out of the closet!'
...and more!
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Sneak peek at some of the comics' routines
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