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Ed Karvoski Jr. has worked in various aspects of the entertainment and publishing industries for over
35 years.

As an actor, Karvoski was among the first to perform at the Boston Center for the Arts in the 1970s.  
Soon after moving to New York City in the late '70s, he appeared in recurring roles on the daytime
As the World Turns and Search for Tomorrow.  Also in NYC, he wrote and performed with the
comedy-sketch troupe
Manhattan Bananas, appearing at theaters and cabarets throughout the city.  In
the '80s, Karvoski relocated to Los Angeles, where he landed guest roles on television shows ranging
Facts of Life to Fantasy Island.

In recent years, Karvoski has focused on a variety of writing and photography projects.  His work as an
entertainment journalist has appeared in national and regional publications.

Karvoski is the author of five books including the bestseller
A Funny Time to Be Gay: Hilarious Gay &
Lesbian Comedy Routines from Trailblazers to Today's Headliners
(Simon & Schuster).  The e-book
edition was released 2011.  

Just a few months after
A Funny Time to Be Gay was originally released in 1997, a Time magazine
cover pictured Ellen DeGeneres with the headline: "Yep, I'm Gay!"  Journalist Tom Kuntz noted the
concurrence of events in
The New York Times:  "You think Ellen DeGeneres had it tough, hiding her
homosexuality in the closet all those years until after she hit the big time in television?  What about
comics long out of the closet who have struggled in relative obscurity in large part because they are
openly gay ... Many of their routines are available to a wider audience through a new compilation,
Funny Time to Be Gay
, collected by Ed Karvoski Jr."

E-book editions of another two of the author's titles were released in 2012:
Award-Winning Men and
The Movie Queen Quiz Book (Writer's Club Press).

Karvoski and his books have also been featured in countless other publications including
Weekend, Publishers Weekly, The Advocate
and Out.  Additionally, Laurie Stone of the Village Voice
dubbed him "an insatiable vacuum cleaner in the showbiz closet."
"Ed Karvoski Jr. is our reporter on the gay cultural beat."
-- John Mitzel, proprietor of Boston's Calamus Bookstore
Author Bio
Karvoski is a proud recipient of the Stonewall Society's Pride in the Arts Literary Award.
Pride in the Arts Literary Award
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Award-Winning Men - E-Book Edition (Writers Club Press, 2012)
The Movie Queen Quiz Book - E-Book Edition (Writers Club Press, 2012)
A Funny Time to Be Gay - E-Book Edition (Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, 2011)
Award-Winning Men (Writers Club Press, 2002)
The Movie Queen Quiz Book (Writers Club Press, 2002)
All-Male (Kensington Publishing, 1999)
What's Your Gay & Lesbian Entertainment I.Q.? (Kensington Publishing, 1998)
A Funny Time to Be Gay (Fireside / Simon & Schuster, 1997)
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