Award-Winning Men
Up Close and Personal with Gay Honorees
by Ed Karvoski Jr.
Award-Winning Men - Cover
The Buzz...
> "And the award goes to Ed Karvoski Jr. for his Award-Winning Men, a diverse collection
of profiles in pride.  A fun and inspirational read, it will make you proud to be gay and in
such good company.  Bravo!"
    -- Steve Stewart, author of Full-Frontal

> "If you want to know the real 'prizes' in our community, you'll pick up this book of
fantastic profiles.  Diverse in every way -- age, ethnicity and background.  An amazing
amount of new and incredibly personal information!"
    -- Mickey Skee, author of Bad Boys on Video

> "This amusing collection is sure to make gay men across the country stand at attention!  
A virtual gay pride extravaganza, Karvoski's
Award-Winning Men honors the unique,
unsung heroes of our community."
    -- Meryl Cohn, author of Do What I Say

> "Ed Karvoski Jr. has brought together a gang of award-winning men as eclectic as his
own career.  These wonderful gay men remind us that sometimes awards come not from
the 'Academy,' but from the journey of life."
    -- Andy Schell, author of My Best Man

> "Anyone looking for role models and examples of community success should read
Award-Winning Men, a very entertaining read.  Bravo to Ed Karvoski Jr. for documenting
these men and their achievements.  My question: When is the next installment?"
    -- Len Rogers, founder of StonewallSociety.com
Sneak peek at some of the Award-Winning Men...
Mr Ebony Leather
Mr International Gay Rodeo
Northeast Mr Drummer
Boston Gay Men's Chorus - Singer
Mr Asian Pacific Alliance - San Francisco
Jade Esteban Estrada - Performer
International Gay Rodeo - Singer
LGBT Community Center - Volunteer of the Year
Florida Mr Drummer
Imperial Court of San Francisco - Emperor
Mr NYC Bear
Mr Lure - NYC
... and more!
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Award-Winning Men - E-Book Edition (Writers Club Press, 2012)
Award-Winning Men (Writers Club Press, 2002)
Learn about the American Leatherboy who ran for a state Senate seat.  And the Mr. New
York City Bear who appeared on VH1's
Behind the Music.  And the openly gay actor who
had a day named in his honor by a city mayor.  And the athlete in his 80s who won 17
medals at the Gay Games.  These are just a few of the 48 intriguing gentlemen, from coast
to coast, profiled and photographed in
Award-Winning Men: Up Close and Personal with
Gay Honorees.

Get the inside scoop from numerous titleholders such as Mr. International Gay Rodeo
Association, Mr. Ebony Leather, Mr. Gay Asian Pacific Alliance, Mr. Gay Wisconsin
All-American, and the Emperor of San Francisco's Imperial Court.  Other award winners
include singers, comedians, filmmakers, authors, humanitarians and everyday activists.  A
unique opportunity to meet the recipients a wide array of accolades -- ranging from a fun
nod for Best Buns from the Gay Naturists International to Broadway's coveted Tony Award!